Message from the Dean

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School of Geographical Sciences, which is originated from the Department of Geography founded in August, 1949, is one of the first teaching and ac         ademic institutions of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). With the efforts of several generations of geographers and graduates during its 70 years of history, School of Geographical Sciences has achieved great influence in geographical academia in terms of geography education and research with its comprehensive disciplines, strong faculty team, abundant research findings, right attitude towards education and outstanding graduates.

There are 84 members (64 for faculty) in School of Geographical Sciences. Among the faculty members, 24 are professors (21 for doctoral advisors), 21 are associate professors (1 for doctoral advisor) and 19 are lecturers; besides, 1 wins the honor of Outstanding Expert of Jilin Province, 2 are granted the State Council Special Allowance, and 1 is the scientist of China’s Recruitment Program of Global Experts. Carrying on Northeast Normal University’s tradition of “being diligent, innovative and model” in student cultivation, School of Geographical Sciences sticks to the target of cultivating geographical professionals with both profound natural science basis and high humanistic quality, both the essence of traditional geography and the research methods of modern geography, both the spirit of innovation and the responsibility to inherit tradition.

School of Geographical Sciences attaches importance to international cooperation. Each year, some faculty members are sent abroad either to further study as visiting scholars, or to attend academic conferences. Meanwhile, professors and experts are invited to do joint research and in recent three years, over 10 have been invited. Education programs for international students are being developed. 3 international students have obtained certain degree and 1 is studying for master degree in School of Geographical Sciences.

       Welcome geography talents around the world to School of Geographical Sciences for study and joint research.  


Bai E

August, 2019